Our Journey Through Two Decades

Year 1-5: Laying the Foundation

2004-2005: Inception of Swapnil Car, a small startup focused on providing reliable car rentals and exceptional customer service.

2006-2007: Expanded our fleet to include a variety of vehicle options, from compact cars to luxury sedans, catering to diverse customer needs.

2008: Introduced our first travel insurance packages, ensuring our clients could travel with peace of mind.

2009: Launched our website, offering online booking and customer support, making it easier for clients to access our services.

Year 6-10: Growth and Innovation

2010: Achieved a milestone of 10,000 satisfied customers, thanks to our commitment to quality and reliability.

2011: Added comprehensive car insurance services, offering complete protection for our rental vehicles and clients’ personal cars.

2012: Opened new branches in major cities, enhancing our reach and accessibility.

2013: Implemented advanced GPS tracking and navigation systems in all rental cars, improving safety and convenience.

2014: Celebrated our 10th anniversary with special promotions and the introduction of eco-friendly hybrid vehicles to our fleet.

Year 11-15: Expanding Horizons

2015: Partnered with leading travel agencies to provide integrated travel packages, including flights, hotels, and car rentals.

2016: Introduced luxury car rentals, catering to high-end clients and special occasions.

2017: Launched a mobile app, providing seamless booking, real-time support, and exclusive offers to our customers.

2018: Expanded our insurance offerings to include coverage for international travel, ensuring global protection for our clients.

2019: Received industry awards for excellence in customer service and innovation in travel solutions.

Year 16-20: Technological Advancements and Customer-Centric Approach. 

2020: Adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic by enhancing our sanitation protocols, introducing contactless services, and offering flexible cancellation policies.

2021: Enhanced our loyalty program, rewarding returning customers with exclusive benefits and discounts.

2022: Implemented AI-driven customer support systems, providing instant assistance and personalized service.

2023: Expanded our fleet to include electric vehicles, supporting sustainable travel and reducing our carbon footprint.

2024: Celebrating 20 years of service with a rebranded website, featuring an improved user experience, comprehensive travel guides, and a blog with tips on travel and car maintenance.

Our Services

Vacation Packages Services

We are the Best taxi and cab service in Greater Noida with our customized vacation packages, designed for every type of traveler.

Customized Itineraries Services

Trip with itinerary planning services, including great deals on cheapest travel and car rentals in Greater Noida.

Accommodation Booking

We are the best travel and cab service in Greater Noida helps you find affordable price options that suit your preferences and budget.

Transportation Package Services

Swapnil Car helps to enjoy hassle-free travel with our reliable transportation partners, including airport transfers, car rentals etc.

Travel Insurance

Swapnil Car Travel Insurance help you to enjoy your travels and drive with peace of mind, knowing you’re well-protected.

Guided Tours

Explore a variety of guided tours and immersive activities, led by experienced local guides. Taxi services available in Greater Noida..

Group Travel Planning

We offer car rental services in Greater Noida and can help organize family, corporate retreats, and school trips for a memorable experience.

24/7 Customer Support

You can rely on our 24/7 taxi services in Greater Noida, supported by round-the-clock customer assistance for all your travel needs.

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Swapnil Cars

Welcome to Swapnil Car Rentals! We offer high-quality vehicles for all your travel needs, including road trips, corporate travel, and leisurely exploration. Discover the best travel and cab services in Greater Noida today!

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